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Trevor Willard…a bit of my background!

By trade I am an ex member of the UK Armed Forces (RAFR Gunner) and qualified motor vehicle technician.  After serving in the Armed Forces I trained as a heavy goods mechanic and have since spent my working career within the Motor Industry.  Starting out as a heavy goods vehicle technician working for various franchised main dealers and independent operators, self-employed running my own garage maintaining, repairing, servicing cars and light commercial vehicles.  Then progressing onto the administration and management side of the industry, with franchised main dealers, from Service Advisor, Assistant Service Manager and to Aftersales/Service Management.  I then jumped the fence to work as a Regional Manager for one of the world’s largest motor manufacturers.  I’ve done a lot more besides, but that’s another story!

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Motor Sport…


I’ve been involved in Motor Sport for many years now, in fact more than I would care to admit, from competing in Hill Climbs, Sprints, National Racing, to organising, officiating and running MSA Speed events as Clerk of the Course.  I’ve always previously prepared my own competition cars (and since learnt the lessons) and whilst self-employed I specialised in competition preparation and building Rover V8 engines to order from road to full race specification.  Since 1994 I’ve been involved in some form or other with Track Days, primarily at Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit.  Initially, I assisted in running Track Days in an effort to attract newcomers into Club level Motor Sport.  That didn’t work for all sorts of reasons, but we soon discovered there was considerable interest in Track Days from all kinds of people from different walks of life!  From the would-be racing drivers who could never afford to go racing, to professional businessmen and women who owned some very nice machinery but could never find the time to actually go racing and just wanted the opportunity to put their cars and themselves through their paces!


I ran regular Track Days at Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit for many years, but as a hobby (sometimes a very expensive one), not a business!  Over the years we saw a boom in this small industry, in the form of more corporate events to individual companies trading as Track Day Operators and Track/Race Circuit Operators running their own events!  I still only did it for the fun, on the day that is!  The rest is history!  Check out Circuit Driver (formerly Circuit News) under 'links'

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Future Plans…

2001-08 TR7-V8 Pestalozzi HC 01  2001-08 TR7-V8 Pestalozzi HC 02  

TWR TR7-V8 at Pestalozzi Speed Hill Climb – August 2001

I have always wanted to compete at a national level in Motor Racing and planed on racing in Sports 2000 before I get too old!  I sold the TWR TR7-V8 (used for Sprints, Hill Climbs and Track Days as pictured above), with a van load of spares!  Of course, I was sorry to see the TR go along with everything else, especially after all the effort that went into the set-up and competition development of the car, but life goes on and we hope to see the car in action again in the hands of its new owner!

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Sports 2000 Racing…

As I mentioned above, I’d been planning to race in Sports 2000, hopefully starting some time in 2002!  I’d spent plenty of time during 2001 looking into various racing series and the only one that stood out amongst the crowd was Sports 2000.  Having studied the market and looked at several cars throughout the UK, I purchased my Sports 2000 race car, an Apache (March) 86S with some very striking bodywork, the only one of its kind in the UK and one of only three (to our knowledge) ever produced, see the photo’s below.  The Sports 2000 Championship could offer everything I was looking for…


·         Friendly club

·         Mature level headed racers

·         Camaraderie

·         Technical information

·         Cars that are reliable and easy to maintain

·         Very close racing


Check out their web site: Sports 2000


2003-07-14 TWR S2 Brands 04


I did race my Apache (March) 86S in the National A Sports 2000 Championships from 2002 through 2004, culminating in my first ever attempt at competing in a full National Championship!  In 2004 I competed in 6 out of 8 rounds, finished 5 races, failed to finish 1 race and did not qualify for 2 races for technical reasons!  And in the 2004 Sports 2000 Championship results, I finished 35 out of 53 overall and in Class B, I finished 7 out of 16, not a bad result after all things considered…


2004-09-12 TWR S2 Snetterton 03a


Here are my best lap times…


Race Circuit

Best Lap


Brands Hatch Indy



Brands Hatch Grand Prix



Donnonigton Park



Brands Hatch Indy



Brands Hatch Grand Prix






Donnington Park






Castle Combe



Brands Hatch Indy



2003-08-17 TWR S2 Brands GP 0848b


However, I did find it very difficult to find the time to prepare and maintain the car myself during the season, this was due to business and family commitments.  There is a lot to be said for having your car run by a team, if you can afford it that is and just turn up jump in and race!  As for the future, the car was repaired following a clutch failure in the last race at Brands, then subsequently overhauled and received some much needed care and attention to the bodywork with a full re-spray during the summer of 2005.  The race car, spares, trailer and all of the associated track and pit equipment was sold to other Sports 2000 competitors by July 2005.


2003-08-17 TWR S2 Brands GP 0974b


I will not give up on competing and possibly racing!  I’ll look at buying another car in due course or even hire a car for the odd race?  Though it has to be said, I had a fantastic time racing in Sports 2000, it is the best racing in its class and in my humble opinion, the pinnacle of Club level Motor Sport.


2003-02-15 TWR S2 Goodwood 01

TWR Apache (March) 86S Sports 2000


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TWR Ultima GTR…

Having sold the March 86S Sports 2000, trailer and everything that went with it back in 2005, I had to wait a while before acquiring another car as intended of course!  The reason I had to wait was because we were building a rather large extension at home and thankfully, that is now all complete, so I’d been looking for another car to buy from late 2006 to March 2007.  I wanted a car that was road legal but very capable on track and could realistically be driven to and from an event, saving the need for a trailer and tow vehicle!  Having searched the web, considered anything and everything, I finally narrowed it down to two specific makes and models… the Noble GTO3 and the Ultima GTR!  The Noble is a great car, but rather modern in terms of technology e.g. fuel injection, ECU and twin turbo etc.  In addition, the Noble tends to fall in residual value!  Whereas the Ultima GTR is an extreme Supercar with 70’s American muscle technology and ‘should’ prove relatively easy to maintain and run!  Not to mention the fact that the Ultima’s tend to hold their residual value rather well!  Interestingly, both cars were originally designed and built by Lee Noble.  It goes without saying then… it had to be an Ultima GTR, but not just any GTR, only the first ever Factory built car that also appeared on BBC’s Top Gear driven by Tiff Needell way back in 2000.  Click on TWR Ultima GTR to find out more about our latest acquisition.


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