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Here at Trevor Willard Racing we are just a bunch of dedicated Petrol-Heads with a passion for anything that goes fast or excites us and in particular, high performance ‘V8’ engines.  Our latest acquisition is an Ultima GTR, but not just any GTR, only the first ever Factory built car that also appeared on BBC’s Top Gear driven by Tiff Needell way back in 2000.  Use the links in the index on your left to find out much more about the TWR Ultima GTR and even watch a video of Tiff driving our car.  It seems only fitting that we should also share our experiences on video with other like-minded enthusiasts and competitors, especially since we have now invested in some decent camera equipment.  These videos will mostly be either at MSA Sprint, Speed events or Track Days.  We hope to compete and participate as often as possible and post our video’s on YouTube as soon as we can after each event, but do bear with us as we’re new to this.  To view our video’s go to YouTube and search Trevor Willard Racing, then select Channel or follow this link… Trevor Willard Racing on YouTube ...enjoy, and thanks for watching!


Back in the day, as my son would say, we used to specialize in organising and running Track Days at Goodwood Motor Circuit near Chichester, West Sussex.


We always ran our events on a cost recovery basis, not as a business venture, nor did we seek to make any profit!  Because of the noise limits at Goodwood and in order to accommodate most high performance sports and racing cars of a wide range of makes and models and to ensure a reasonable amount of track time, we limited our events to just 20 entries!  Now you may think it can't be that difficult to find 20 clients and you're possibly right, but if only 1 or 2 people let us down and it did happen on occasion, with such tight margins we ended up running round in circles like headless chickens trying to sell track time, even on the day and in some cases, personally covering our losses?  In addition, we also ran our events 'out of season' during the winter months due to costs and it had proved increasingly difficult to fill them, due to the risk of inclement weather and/or winter holidays?


I would like to point out that none of our long standing regular clients have ‘ever’ let us down, if fact on many occasions our regulars had been very supportive!  This made it even more difficult to reach the decision to stop running our events.


This may not be the end of an era, I'll keep an open mind on things and you never know, we might be back sometime in the future.  There may even be a possibility that Goodwood will seek permission from the local authorities to change the format of their events in order to allow an increase in the number of cars on track at any one time, making organizing, running and/or participating far more cost effective?  Who knows, we’ll have to wait and see.


Here are a few interesting facts and figures about our events at Goodwood over the years...

·         I used to compete in MSA Speed events at Goodwood during the mid to late 1980's, culminating in running MSA Speed events as Clerk of the Course on behalf of the Hastings 1066 Car Club.

·         Our very first track day event was way back in July 1994!

·         The first 2 events were run for and on behalf of the Hasting 1066 Car Club.

·         Out busiest years were 1996 with 6 events and 1997 with 5 events.

·         From 1998 on, we only ran 2 or 3 events a year, due to business and family commitments.

·         All told we ran a total of 34 events over 14 years, accommodating nearly 1,000 clients!

·         Circa 30% of our clients were regulars.

·         Entry fees ranged from just £40 in 1996 up to £240 in 2006... that’s a 500% increase in just 12 years!

I'd like to think I've done my little bit for motorsport and even safe motoring, by giving our clients the opportunity to drive themselves and their cars to the limit on one of the best classic motor racing circuits in the country, in a relatively safe environment and in relaxed and friendly conditions!


I hope to continue my experiences in motorsport, either competitively or maybe participate in the odd track day from time to time, the kid in me still feels the need for speed and to go out and play!  So, I might see you around.  Take care and happy motoring.


Please use the index on your left to navigate our web site.  We hope you will take the time to have a quick look around.


Best wishes, Trevor Willard.



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