1.     It is mandatory to wear seat belts/harness and the wearing of safety crash helmets (to current MSA standards) is compulsory.

2.     Any person intending to drive must hold a full valid driving licence or MSA competition licence and be able to produce your licence if requested to do so on the day.

3.     You are required to ensure that your vehicle is in a safe and roadworthy condition.  If a competition vehicle, it should conform to MSA Safety Regulations.  Goodwood and/or the organiser will not be scrutineering participants’ vehicles before permitting them on the track.  If any vehicle is found to be in an unsafe or dangerous condition, it may be excluded from the event without refund.

4.     On arrival at Goodwood Motor Circuit, park up in the Paddock and proceed to the pit lane/race control office.  Note, there is a 15mph speed limit on any service road and in the paddock.  At this point you will be required to 'sign-on'.  ALL Drivers, Riders and Passengers (Participants) MUST sign-on.  As the Entrant/Driver/Rider you are responsible to ensure that ALL of your Participants’ have signed on.  All Participants’ will also be required to read, complete and sign the ‘Goodwood Motor Circuit Track Driving Rules, Declaration and Agreement.’  You will then be issued with your group prefix sticker, which MUST be display in your visible to the Circuit Marshals.  All Participants’ must have completed all the necessary paperwork, signed-on and attended a briefing to receive a pass and/or wrist band, in order to gain access to the Circuit.

5.     You must ensure that you do not park in the front half of the main Paddock Area, directly behind the Pits.  Having signed-on, you are required to line up in single file at least five minutes prior to your group’s scheduled session start time.  There will be three groups of ten vehicles – A, B and C on ‘Road Traffic Days’ and four groups of five vehicles A, B, C and D on ‘Goodwood Days’.  You must leave the pit lane access road clear for emergency vehicles and for Participants’ to exit the Circuit and proceed back to the Paddock Area.

6.     Goodwood Motor Circuit Marshals have been hired for your safety and to assist in the smooth running of the event.  You are required to follow any Marshals instructions to the letter and without question.

7.     Children MUST be kept under strict control at all times and are not permitted in the Pit Lane.

8.     Animals are not permitted on to the site.

9.     Camping is not permitted on the Motor Circuit or Airfield Area.

10.  Drivers, Riders and Passengers are reminded that a Standard Motor Insurance Policy generally excludes use for 'Pace-making, Racing, Reliability Trials, Rallies or Speed Testing'.  It is your responsibility to obtain your own Insurance should you wish to do so.



All Participants’ MUST attend a safety briefing before taking to the Circuit.  All Participants’ must follow these rules, have read, completed and signed the ‘TWR-Trackdays Indemnity’ and the ‘Goodwood Motor Circuit Track Driving Rules, Declaration and Agreement.’



1.     Only enter the Circuit from the Pit Lane exit, one vehicle at a time, having obeyed the lights or signal from the Pit Lane marshal.  Check for other vehicles on the Circuit and keep right until well clear of the Pits.

2.     Only leave the Circuit at the Pit Lane entry.  Signal your intention to leave the Circuit on approach to the Chicane, using indicators if fitted or raising your hand in the air (if in an open vehicle/motorcycle).  Continue signalling until you have exited the Circuit.

3.     Vehicles shall be driven round the Circuit in a clockwise direction only.  Please ensure that you are ready 5 minutes in advance of your next track session!

4.     Do not stop on the Circuit except in case of mechanical breakdown or instruction from a Marshal.  If forced to stop on the Circuit or run-off area, park as safely as possible (far from the track and preferably behind a barrier).  Use hazard-warning lights if fitted.  If it is safe to do so driver and passenger should move behind safety barriers or as instructed by Marshals.  If you spin or you run off the Circuit, you WILL be Black Flagged!

5.     Use mirrors frequently to check for faster vehicles approaching from behind.  Vehicles MUST OVERTAKE only on the straights on either the left or right.  If a faster vehicle approaches from behind, move to one side of the circuit, signalling your intention to do so and allow the faster vehicle to pass.  Only overtake when the vehicle in front has acknowledged your approach and moved to the side of the circuit.

6.     Please note, participants will NOT be permitted to use or park their vehicles in the 'PIT LANE/GARAGES'.

7.     When your group is on the Circuit, you may return to the Paddock to make 'minor' adjustments, and switch Drivers/Passengers during your session.

8.     Obey Flag Signals:

·         Waved Yellow Flag – Track Hazard SLOW DOWN.  Be prepared to STOP.  NO OVERTAKING.

·         Red Flag – Hazard, end of session SLOW DOWN and RETURN TO THE PITS.

·         Chequered Flag – The session is over, you must then complete the full 'SLOWING DOWN' lap and return to the Pits.

·         Striped Red/Yellow – Beware of a slippery substance on the track.

·         Disciplinary Flag – (Diagonal Black and White) shown to you means that you have been cautioned for irresponsible driving, or breaking the rules.

·         Black Flag – YOU MUST slow down and return to the Pits on completion of the lap and report immediately to the Track Steward.  Either you are breaking the rules, your vehicle appears faulty, you’ve spun or run off the Circuit.

9.     RACING or driving too close to other vehicles is NOT permitted.  Timing (or signalling times) is NOT permitted.  Please also try not to drive closely to another vehicle (within 100m) as it increases the likelihood of a noise breach.



All drivers and passengers MUST wear suitable protective clothing:

·         Crash helmets must be worn in all vehicles whilst on the circuit.

·         Goggles or full face crash helmets except in closed vehicles.

·         Covered limbs in ALL vehicles.



·         No driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs.  No chewing gum, eating or drinking (risk of choking) on the Circuit.

·         No smoking in the Pits or on the Circuit.

·         No dogs at the Circuit.

·         Cold tyres will have less grip, so drive carefully for at least one lap.

·         Refuel only in the designated area.


WARNING!  This type of activity can be dangerous and may involve the risk of injury or death!  You are reminded that your participation is entirely at your own risk!  You must read, accept and sign the indemnity to this effect before being allowed to use the Circuit.

We hope you have a thoroughly enjoyable day out.  If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.



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