TWR GTR 2011


The following is a series of photographs and brief notes on everything I’ve done to my GTR and any events I may have participated in during 2011…


Still some more jobs to do…

Oil Leaks – synonymous with modified SBC’s, even though I will do my best to rectify, I like to think I’m going to be doing my little bit to reduce my carbon footprint by actually putting some oil (just a few drips) back into the earth!

Exhaust System – still way far too noisy for the track, though I do have plans to address this ASAP!


More to come, so keep watching this space…








Finally, I got around to starting on the exhaust system in an effort to reduce noise, but maintain performance and hopefully get the car on track very soon!   With that in mind, I’d previously invested in a pair of Edelbrock Sound Deflection Technology Mufflers in 304 Stainless Steel available from


These silencers are semi baffled and with shaped plates to deflect the exhaust gases thus reducing noise (in theory at least) without restricting flow?  Considering my old GTR silencers are absorption silencers and are completely shot with absolutely no packing left, even though they have been cut open and re-packed numerous times, the new silencers should at least be some improvement.  The noise level with the old GTR silencers previously tested at Goodwood was a deafening 118dbs at 4500rpm (75% of max based on 6000rpm), so achieving at least 105dbs may still be quite a challenge, let alone 98dbs as required by some events/venues?  However, in order to install them, I’ve also had to design and have a pair of 3” pipe connectors and mounting straps/brackets fabricated in stainless steel, thankfully came to the rescue and did an excellent job for me and at a very competitive price (though I did provide my own detailed technical drawings)…


DSC00548  DSC00547


Okay, installing the new silencers did not go quite as planned?  Using the pipe connectors between the header outlets and silencers meant the rear of the silencers would not clear the underside of the rear clip!  So, had to fit the silencers direct to the header outlets, then use the connectors to clear the rear chassis, fabricate and install mounting brackets to fit to the chassis in order to mount the straps, then cut the old tail pipes for now just to see how it all works and eventually get a noise test… it does sound different, even a little quieter dare I suggest!


IMG00035-20110425-1746  IMG00031-20110425-1745


Supercar Sunday at Goodwood on 1st May…


    GBC010511 Ultima-2028WEB  Picture1

Pictures courtesy of Lindsay Dobson Photography and Roy Norris


Picture3  Picture4


  Picture8  Picture12


Two more fine examples representing Ultima on the day…


Picture29  Picture28


Time for a noise test… not quite what I was hoping for, considering the results are based on 6000 max rpm (peak power achieved at 4900 rpm) there was little point testing based on 7200 actual max rpm (rev limit)… so back to the drawing board then!!!


2011-06-02 Noise Test Results

Max RPM:





2/3 Max RPM





3/4 Max RPM






Performance Legends at Goodwood on 5th June…


IMG00074-20110605-1131  5801536235_cf1f64a4bc_z


Pistonheads Sunday Service at Rolls Royce on 24th July…


8C3W0147  5970354415_5438940577_z


8C3W0186a  5977356008_3d7260cbdb_z



Pictures courtesy of fellow PH’ers at


Summer 2011…

To be honest, I’ve not done much over the summer!  Though I have driven the car every 2-3 weeks, taking various friends, relatives or any other unsuspecting individuals out for a drive!!!  And I’ve also made some further investments in the car, or to be more specific… I’ve sourced an as new unused set of GTR wheels and tyres and even another set of part worm tyres!  Hence the reason why I’ve not done anything else over the summer months?


Pistonheads Sunday Service (Christmas Party) at Goodwood on 18th December…

To say it was a cold day out would be an understatement, not to mention slippery!  But at least the sun was shinning and the event was very well supported.  Even if we had to drive through a shower of grit while passing a gritter on the A27 and then having to pressure wash the whole car… it was still well worth the trouble.


6532237041_ffa5eeae50_z  6536518403_6635d88b9c_z


6541225175_6e23381c28_z  6541231037_fb00be79cf_z

Pictures courtesy of fellow PH’ers at


That’s it for 2011.  Look out for 2012 when I will definitely be sorting out the exhaust so I can get the car on track at last!!!


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year!



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